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Blackberry Smoke Drummer Brit Turner Passes Away At 57 Following Battle With Brain Cancer

Brit Turner Country Music

The music community has suffered another heartbreaking loss. Shorty after the release of their 8th studio album, Be Right Here, Blackberry Smoke has confirmed that their drummer, Brit Turner, has tragically passed away at the age of 57. Brit was diagnosed with a glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer, in 2022, and had surgery to remove a tumor. Brit also suffered a heart attack in 2022. The band released the following statement: "It is with the deepest sorrow that we inform everyone that our brother Brit Turner has moved on from this life.  If you had the privilege of knowing Brit on any level, you know he was the most caring, empathetic, driven and endearing person one could ever hope to meet. Brit was Blackberry Smoke’s True North, the compass that instituted the ideology that will continue to guide this band. Brit has battled glioblastoma since his diagnosis in the fall of 2022 and fought every day. We ask for prayers for his family and band brothers. More information on arrangements will be forthcoming. Thank you to everyone who has supported and been there for Brit and his family through this fight." A number of folks in the country music community took to social media to share their condolences, including Cody Canada, Muscadine Bloodline, Drake White, Randy Houser, The Cadillac Three, Duane Betts, The Steel Woods, Tanner Usrey and more. Our thoughts and prayers are with Brit's family and friends during this extremely difficult and heartbreaking time. RIP. https://www.instagram.com/p/C4EwHgIshJa/

Matthew McConaughey On The First Time He Met Jamey Johnson: “Didn’t Take His Eyes Off Camila For 1 Second”

McConaughey Jamey Johnson country music

I'm convinced that Matthew McConaughey could take a story about putting on his socks in the morning, and turn it into one of the greatest stories of all time. Seriously, I'd kill for a chance to sit back and listen to the famed actor talk about everything under the sun. Mr. Alright Alright Alright himself joined Justin Moore's podcast a while back, and among a whole host of different topics, he recalled the first time he ever met country music's own Jamey Johnson. McConaughey remembered the first time he heard Johnson's hit song "In Color" when it first dropped back in 2008, and realized that his That Lonesome Song album was one of the best country albums he'd heard in a long time. Later on he attended the 2009 ACM Awards in Vegas with his Brazilian model wife Camila (girlfriend at the time), and he knew he had to meet Johnson. Sometime during the show, he found the country singer, and he walked up to introduce himself. However, when he went to shake his hand, he said Johnson didn't look at him the whole conversation, and had his eyes straight on Camila. Camila "I'm with Camila and when I was there to present, I think his song was up, I said 'I like this guy Jamey Johnson, let me do that category and I'd like to meet him.' So I head back there with Camila and he's standing there with his red cup, and I'm shaking his hand and say, 'Hey, Jamey Johnson nice to meet you.' He's shaking my hand, but he's looking right at her going, 'Well, nice to meet you.' He's staring right at Camila, just dead eye stare, not even sneaky, no slant eye, just dead red. And while he's still shaking my hand, he stops and goes 'God,' and he still has my hand. So I say, "Jamey this is my girlfriend Camila' and he says, "I know."  Didn't take his eyes off her for one second and I was like 'I like this guy, I like this guy a lot.'" LEGEND. And the friendship was born... Jamey even headed off to Brazil with Matt and Camila shorty after that for a little backpacking trip. And of course, Matt and Camila would wind up getting married a few years later in 2012. You can check out the full podcast here: https://youtu.be/30k1-3nlP60?t=3314

Matthew McConaughey Dons Gorilla Suit In Jamey Johnson Music Video

McConaughey is obviously superstar actor, but he has also been involved in a good amount of behind the camera work through the years as well. Jamey Johnson released his album The Guitar Song in 2010, and decided he needed a music video for one of the songs, "Playing The Part," which is about missing his old life and where he's from while going through the motions to make it in the Hollywood: "When the only LA I knew was lower Alabama Back when me and Hannah were wishing on a southern star Now its so complicated, I really hate it, why'd I ever want to go so far Taking depression pills in the Hollywood Hills Acting like I'm playing the part" Well, when you're friends with a hot shot (and superb talent) like McConaughey, who is certainly in the Hollywood scene but by no means consumed by it, it's probably a pretty short list of who you call to direct the video... The result? A 7 minutes and 25 seconds ridiculous, weird, yet clever, reflection of what most of Hollywood is: a bunch of people playing dress up and acting like they're more important than they are. Took me a second, but the main character being dressed as a gorilla is actually pretty smart, I mean how many people are stuck in a monkey suit and just try to play the part every day? It's a lot... Oh yeah, and the man in the gorilla suit? None other than McConaughey himself. Even though he was the man directing, just couldn't help but hop in there and show everyone how it's done. And that dance, come on now, it was just great... Jamey Johnson and Matthew McConaughey are pretty different in a lot of ways, but very similar in ethos. Popular outlaws, at the outskirts of the inner circle. Part of the scene, but in no way controlled by it. I'd kill to be a fly on the wall for a night out with those two... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAplw9CIXuk

Black Bear Charges Bowhunter In Heart-Pumping Video: “Should’ve Shot Him A Long Time Ago”

black bear charges bowhunter

Anyone who spends time in bear country always entertains the idea that they could be charged by a bear, but never truly imagines it happening until it does. All you can do is be prepared... Running into a bear will get your heart pumping pretty fast on its own, but when the bear acts aggressive it hits a whole new level. This video shows a man in Ontario, Canada, hunting with a recurve bow and arrow set up. Alone, it's impressive enough... recurve hunting takes an incredible amount of knowledge and skill to be successful. The man seems to be crouched behind some brush, but then, a black bear is seen walking along a roadside through some grass. As the bear gets closer the hunter starts to draw back and seems to startle it. In a flash it charges the man. You can see him nock an arrow and try to fire, but it slips off the rest... a living nightmare. The last time the bear is seen on camera it is lounging at the man as he seems to drop his phone and fall down while trying to get away from the bear. It is some pretty crazy footage. The camera is pointed to the ground as struggling noises seem to be heard. The hunter picks up the phone and runs down the road away from the bear and the incident. He then flips the video to himself and has some of the best quotes following a bear charge that have ever been said. “Eff me... should have shot him a long time ago... tabarnak scare me like that." He was almost laughing about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ij3wbx67zwY The hunter is visibly a little shook up, but also seems to be fairly humorous about the situation. That shows that this man is not your typical woodsmen and this was indeed not his first rodeo. But this video also really shows how hard recurve hunting can be. Getting so close to wildlife like this can pose other risks that the distance of rifle hunting doesn't necessarily offer. Granted, everything can change in an instant, but proximity to the animal always invites the possibility of surprising the animal, and a dangerous encounter. Thankfully, he'll live to hunt another day.

Ross Chastain Mocks Ryan Blaney For Blocking Him At Vegas After Complaining Last Season: “I Was Proud Of Him”

Ryan Blaney Ross Chastain

Do we have a new rivalry heating up in NASCAR? This one dates back to the final race of 2023, when Ryan Blaney was hoping to secure his first Cup Series championship. But Ross Chastain didn't make it easy on him. Chastain, who has a reputation for being an aggressive driver, didn't cut Blaney any slack despite the fact that Ryan was running for a championship and Ross wasn't. https://twitter.com/AlwaysRaceDay/status/1721302059356491971 And Blaney was none too happy with the way Chastain blocked him: https://twitter.com/thecomeback/status/1721302713932140587 Chastain would go on to win the race, while Blaney won the championship, so in the end everybody walked away happy. But NASCAR drivers have long memories, and the simmering tension between the two flared up again today just three races into the 2024 season. Blaney once again expressed his frustration over the radio with how Ross was racing him. https://twitter.com/DustinAlbino/status/1764418637123707123 And at the end of the race, with Blaney in 3rd and Chastain in 4th, Blaney was throwing blocks on Chastain to keep him behind him - something that wasn't lost on Chastain after the race. While speaking with the media, Chastain had some sarcastic comments for Blaney, who complained about Ross blocking him last season: "It was pretty cool to see Blaney blocking me at the end. Pretty cool to see his evolution with the air blocking. I was proud of him." https://twitter.com/bobpockrass/status/1764463986483830926 For his part, Blaney took the subtle jab in stride, responding with a meme on Twitter pointing out the irony: https://twitter.com/Blaney/status/1764473769568125030 Sounds like this might be a rivalry to keep an eye on this season...

“Are You Gonna Arrest Me?” Kristin Cavallari’s Corny TikTok Response To Critics Of Her 24-Year-Old Boyfriend

Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari had some things to say after the internet blasted her over her recent hard relationship launch. Cavallari hard launched her relationship last week with a selfie of her and Mark Estes, a former college football player and content creator (I guess?) who is thirteen years younger than her. Social media went wild in the comments section, making some hilarious jokes about the age gap between the two. But what's worse... the guy is just incredibly cringey. Playing into the media's attention, Cavallari created a TikTok mocking those who were making fun of her. In a video, Cavallari is lip-syncing to the audio: “So what are you going to do about it? Are you going to arrest me? Are you going to give me a ticket?” With the caption saying: “When they’re all up in arms that I'm dating a 24 year old. Andddd?”
@kristincavallariWhen they’re all up in arms that im dating a 24-year-old. Andddd?♬ this women simply said she didnt care - doni
Once again, social media came in swinging, noting that people are less bothered with the age difference, and the criticism stems from the fact that Estes comes off like a complete tool as a part of the "Montana Boyz" creator group. Yup, that's a real thing... If you haven't looked them up yet... get ready to cringe your hardest. I don't think that Cavallari can avoid being made fun of on this one...and it does not help that she has started making guest appearances in the Montana Boyz videos. Is it just me, or does this seem like an early mid-life crisis she is having? Check out some of her cameos.
@montana.boyz Brother she’s country.. #fyp #montanaboyz ♬ She's Country - Jason Aldean
@markestes001 Ready to fall #fyp ♬ kissed you goodnight mashup - Andrew K
My God, the cringe... she has to be trolling, right?

Morgan Wallen Drops Surprise ‘Abbey Road Sessions’

Morgan Wallen country music

In honor of the one-year anniversary of his chart smashing One Thing At A Time studio album, Morgan Wallen is treating his fans to a little surprise... more music. Dubbed the Abbey Road Sessions, the 7-song project was recorded in London in Studio Two of the iconic Abbey Road Studios. The project features five live studio recordings from the record, a cover of Nothing But Thieves' “Graveyard Whistling,” as well as the unreleased fan favorite "Lies, Lies, Lies." Of the new music, Morgan says: “Playing the O2 in London last fall and getting to record at Abbey Road, where so much iconic music has been made, was legendary for me and my band. We will never forget it. I'm so excited to release these 'Abbey Road Sessions' for my fans on the one-year anniversary of 'One Thing At A Time.' They make all this possible.” One Thing At A Time made history as the most streamed album of the year on its way to topping the Billboard Top 200 chart for 18 non-consecutive weeks. The massive chart run tied Garth Brooks' 1991 Ropin' The Wind record with the most weeks at #1 for a country album. "Thinkin' 'Bout Me" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8lnYcC8yjk&list=PLHP0tKi5klmy194p5dx_1UGGmUflJ5iBn&index=1&pp=iAQB8AUB "Lies, Lies, Lies" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aN7WCsC9nkI&list=PLHP0tKi5klmy194p5dx_1UGGmUflJ5iBn&index=2&pp=iAQB8AUB "Graveyard Whistling" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9Jjk9jH428&list=PLHP0tKi5klmy194p5dx_1UGGmUflJ5iBn&index=7&pp=iAQB8AUB Morgan Wallen - Abbey Road Sessions Tracklist: 1. Thinkin' Bout Me (Abbey Road Sessions) 2. Lies Lies Lies (Abbey Road Sessions) 3. Sunrise (Abbey Road Sessions) 4. Everything I Love (Abbey Road Sessions) 5. I Wrote The Book (Abbey Road Sessions) 6. I Deserve A Drink (Abbey Road Sessions) 7. Graveyard Whistling (Abbey Road Sessions)

“That Was Nice Of Her” – Johnny Cash’s Stone-Faced Reaction To Dolly Parton Admitting She Had “Horny” Feelings For Him

Dolly Parton Johnny Cash country music

It's well-documented that Dolly Parton had a huge crush on the Man in Black back in the day. And though it kinda goes without saying, even Dolly couldn't resist Johnny Cash's undeniable charisma, charm and all-around good looks that made him one of the most recognizable and iconic artists in all of music. I mean, who could blame the girl? But until now, we had never really heard Johnny's take on that moment when Dolly first realized she was into him, which was actually when she saw him perform on the Grand Ole Opry for the first time when she was a very young teenager. And you'd have to imagine that any man on the planet would be completely flattered knowing they were Dolly Parton's first crush, but Johnny had an interesting reaction to finding that out. Back in 1997, Johnny appeared on Ralph Emory On The Record in promotion of his book Cash, in which he talks about being the first person to introduce Dolly at the Opry when she was just 13 years old. Ralph then played some of Dolly's comments for Johnny to watch from an episode she was on previously, where she elaborated on those feelings she got the first time she saw him and realized what sex appeal was: "Johnny Cash was the person that introduced me that night. And Johnny, first time I saw him, that's when I really, that's when he was lean and lanky, and that's when I first realized what sex appeal was. I was 13 years old, it was like 'Oh!' It was like, holy moly, what is this? And then, little did I know, he'd be the first person to introduce me on the Opry." You can always count on Dolly to be 1,000% herself, and I love her for it. And not only did she say she experienced the true meaning of sex appeal because of Johnny, but she added that it was the first time she ever felt horny, which is pretty damn hilarious hearing that from the ultimate southern belle herself: "I didn't say anything, my mouth just flew open. Well first, I had seen him on stage, and I had all these feelings. Which now I know is just being horny. Well, sex appeal, or something... I don't know if that's exactly the word. That's what I was." And while you would think Johnny would've been at least slightly animated, or even a little flustered, by the compliment, he was pretty stoic in his very simple response: "I really appreciate that, that was nice of her." Dolly Parton, an extremely well-known sex symbol in her own right, just said Johnny was the first man that ever made her horny and that's all he's got to say about it? I mean, I expected just a little bit more than that, but hey, I think it's safe to say that Mrs. June Carter Cash probably appreciated that response. Johnny was a smart man, indeed... Check it out that part of the interview, it's easily the best thing you'll watch all day: https://youtu.be/WxXUEeFWRuk?t=156 And back in the early ’80s, Dolly took part in a gospel record with Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and Brenda Lee, which was eventually turned into a television special hosted by Johnny Cash. So she did eventually got her big moment on stage with her former crush, and I imagine it was a pretty full circle moment from decades before when she first met Johnny: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SigvSdzIWU

Nike Dropped An Awesome Caitlin Clark Ad After She Passed Pete Maravich As The NCAA’s All-Time Leading Scorer

Caitlin Clark

It's no secret that Caitlin Clark will eventually be the No. 1 overall pick in the WNBA Draft by the Indiana Fever and change women's professional basketball as we know it. Until then, she's on a quest to win a national championship at Iowa, lest anyone doubt her greatness in the absence of such an achievement. As the Hawkeyes' march toward March Madness continues, Clark is still knocking off god-tier individual achievements, including her newly minted status as the NCAA's all-time leading scorer across women's and men's college hoops. And of course Gus Johnson was on the call. https://twitter.com/CBBonFOX/status/1764364566966796525 Wherever there's entertaining sports to be found, the mysterious forces of the universe (or savvy TV producers) seem to have Johnson on the scene to freak out about it more often than not. I'll drop my favorite Johnson game at the end of this, along with more Caitlin Clark highlights. To have both these powerhouses of industry sharing the same moment is a rare inflection point that deserves its proper due. But to dig more into the subject at hand: Nike Basketball celebrated Clark's latest piece of history-making with a new commercial that applauds her for everything she's done as a collegian to date. https://twitter.com/nikebasketball/status/1764365411183644939 What more can be said? The man in charge of delivering an exhaustive rundown of Clark's athletic triumphs does well not to run out of breath more often throughout the ad. One comfortable pause is all it took before he reached Sunday's milestone of eclipsing "Pistol" Pete Maravich as the college basketball's most prolific scorer. How about this little piece of backstory that only grows Clark's modern mythology? https://twitter.com/FOS/status/1764364349617918155 The WNBA seems to be gaining popularity in recent years, but Clark's arrival is going to send the league into a different stratosphere. She's quite literally the women's equivalent to Stephen Curry, with limitless shooting range, the ability to make plays off the dribble, and the undeniable swagger and competitive fire to match. Iowa wound up beating Ohio State 93-83 in a massive Big Ten showdown, as Clark led the Hawkeyes with 36 points to go with six rebounds, nine assists and three steals. Clark really can do it all, and she plays damn near every minute of every game, which makes her prowess all the more mind-boggling. Caitlin Clark more than lives up to the hype. Let's hope she can be celebrated as a probable modern GOAT, as opposed to folks trying to tear her down and diminish her accomplishments in the women's game. Not to make this all about the men, but by mentioning Gus Johnson at the top, I couldn't help but pass along such a formative sports memory I have of him calling the bonkers Xavier-Kansas State Sweet 16 clash from a year I hesitate to say, as it will date me badly. Below that, there is much more current footage of one of Clark's recent masterpieces. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVEIeD91vIc A 49-point effort in Iowa's win over Michigan from mid-February: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yJn2nzL1ag