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“We Both Don’t Have To Die Out Here” – Darius Rucker Recalls The Time Woody Harrelson Saved His Life

Darius Rucker

As a Grammy-award-winning artist, you've probably got plenty of stories to tell about your life and career. That's why Darius Rucker wrote a memoir, titled Life's Too Short, and detailed a lot of the big moments of his life. With his storied tenure as frontman for Hootie and the Blowfish in addition to his successful solo career as a country artist, Darius certainly has plenty of stories to fill up a book, and he did just that. Life's Too Short opened up its very first chapter with a non-music-related story, and it was a wild one to say the least. Remember learning in school that you should grab the attention of your reader when you first start out? Rucker accomplished that and then some telling the story about how Hollywood actor Woody Harrelson once saved his life. When Rucker stopped by Today to talk about his new book, he was asked about that story, and he happily got into some of the specifics of the scary event during the interview: "Woody is my brother. Woody and I are really, really close, and I went to visit him in Hawaii and we went swimming. And I'll never forget this. He told me what to do, and I was fine. I'm a good swimmer. I dove in the water and I opened my eyes and all I saw no bottom (and) fish. All I saw was a bunch of fish, and I panicked." Growing up in Charleston, South Carolina, Rucker was likely exposed to plenty of opportunities to become familiar with the water. He even said in the interview that he's a proficient swimmer. But the artist must have underestimated the power of the current in the ocean, as he went on to explain: "I got caught up in this rip current, and it was just killing me. He came back and we were trying to get out. It was probably a good 40 minutes of trying to get out. Finally, I looked at him, and this is so vivid to me, I looked at him and said, 'Man, we both don't have to die out here. You've gotta let me go.' And just like Woody from Cheers, he looked at me and said, 'Not on my watch.'" Wow... Shoutout to Woody Harrelson for being an action star both on the big screen and in real life. That right there is definitely "first chapter of your book" worthy. Those on Today were astounded by the story, and asked if Rucker and Harrelson ever talk about that harrowing moment. As you might imagine, Harrelson is apparently "too cool" to touch on the rescue when the pair cross paths: "I've seen him a million times since then and we've never talked about it. He's so humble, he wouldn't want to talk about it. For him, I'm sure he's like, 'We got out of there.'" Pretty on brand for Woody Harrelson. You can hear more about the incident, as well as other topics that Darius Rucker touches on in his new memoir, in the interview below: https://youtu.be/JKrRuUXyLsc?si=ZUr4P4O4_-z7dvic

Luke Combs Receives Some Old Man Wisdom In Unreleased New Song “Plant A Seed”

Luke Combs country music

Just because Luke Combs is right in the middle of his Growin' Up And Gettin' Old tour doesn't mean he hasn't been spending time in the studio. Last week we got the lead single of Twisters: The Album, which will be the soundtrack for an upcoming movie of the same name featuring a who's who of country artists, including Tyler Childers, Miranda Lambert, The Red Clay Strays, Flatland Cavalry, Charley Crockett, Megan Moroney, and of course, Luke Combs, whose "Ain't No Love In Oklahoma" was sent to country radio upon its release. On top of that, Luke has teased a few unreleased songs, including a duet with Post Malone and a meditation of sorts on fatherhood called "Hunting By Yourself", but a new clip he just posted to social media shows that the sentimental fatherhood angle isn't going to be a one off. Titled "Plant A Seed", this one seems to tell the classic story of an old man giving a younger man advice, but as Luke has become known for during his rise to superstardom, it's done so in such a simple but impactful way that you can't help but get sucked right into the heart of it. "He said don't ya blink Soak it up cause next thing you know you turn around And wonder where you're whole life's gone Remember it's about the journey Don't fill your days with worry Sure them youngin's drive you crazy but you'll miss them when they're grown Oh, time ain't always your friend It starts slow and gets faster towards the end So fill up your heart with love Pass it on before you go But thank the man upstairs that you were there to plant a seed and watch it grow" Good stuff right there. No one balances the line of emotional ballads and adrenaline pumping beer drinking songs like Luke Combs and I'm super excited to see what his next project is going to sound like, because if there's more like this I'd say he's lined up for another great one. https://twitter.com/lukecombs/status/1795616364444688652?s=46&t=pvvG9p0xcaDQw01RYjCDKg

Guy Getting Chased By Ram Flawlessly Sends The Animal Front-Flipping Down Hillside

ram chases man

Mess with the ram... you get the horns. Or in this case, you mess with the ram, you grab it by the horns and send it front-flipping down the hillside. I've got to say, I wish there was more footage of this wild animal encounter. I'd love to see how this face off came to be, though the conclusion of the showdown is plenty entertaining by itself. Things weren't looking good for the man in the video as he fled down a hill away from a smaller-yet-feisty ram. When he went down to the ground, he might as well have been a goner. They say the "low man wins," but all this guy really did was put himself in prime head-butting territory. The ram comes flying at the guy full speed with its head tucked, ready to bring the pain with a nasty horn-to-head collision. But fortunately, or maybe thanks to some lucky timing, the momentum of the man falling matched up perfectly with the ram's attack attempt. When the ram went in for the hit, it accidentally set itself up to launched into the air by the tumbling man. Somehow, the guy getting attacked managed to tap into the power of gravity. When the ram was directly above him, he forced his own arms and legs up, which acted as an impromptu catapult as the guy continued his barrel roll descent down the hillside. The accidental launch sent the ram front-flipping through the air, which honestly looked like it would spell disaster for the wild animal. However, the ram stuck the landing after one flip, and following all of the trouble that the man and the ram went through, they both mutually agreed to call the fight right there. It was a hilarious way for the encounter to culminate. Take a look: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C4orlNyLMIe/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Both that man and that ram should be counting their blessing after that one. That whole thing could have ended up a whole lot worse for both of them. Luckily, everyone was virtually unharmed, which made it easier to enjoy the clip. Pretty much everyone in the comments section was blown away by the athleticism that the ram showcased sticking the front-flip landing: "Flawless recovery by the ram though." "I thought it would be a nonstop roll till death." "I just know the ram gone be pondering how that encounter ended for a week straight." "The fact that the ram landed after one flip is kind of impressive." All of those comments were great, but one stood out above the rest. I made sure to seperate it from the others so it could really have its deserved time in the spotlight. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the punniest and most accurate comment you'll ever see: "Dodge Ram." Chef's kiss. Well done, Instagram user. Well done.

Koe Wetzel Debuts On Billboard Hot 100 Chart For The First Time With “Sweet Dreams”

Koe Wetzel country music

You love to see it. According to Billboard, Koe Wetzel debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 chart (which encompasses all musical genres) for the first time with his most recent release "Sweet Dreams" charting at #47, which was released about a week and a half ago now. The song is featured on Koe's forthcoming album 9 Lives, and finds Koe lamenting a former flame and taking responsibility for the fact that he can’t seem to keep a good thing for too long, and the memory of this girl seems to haunt him even in his sleep making hard to have “sweet dreams” anymore. It’s a pretty open, honest look at Koe and how he views himself in relationships, where he blames himself more than the girl he left brokenhearted which is a pretty mature take and definitely some sort of evolution (no matter how small it may be): “A man like me would keep it to himself A bigger man would say it to your face Yeah I ain’t doing good and you can tell Was I the only one you couldn’t save? I hate to be the reason that you’re crying The way you always knew when I was lying And breaking your heart was getting tiring I knew I had to let you go” The production also has a little bit of R&B flair to it, and is much softer than what we heard on albums like Hell Paso and Harold Saul High, for example, and Koe says he was actually inspired a little bit by the R&B stylings of something like Usher’s iconic Confessions album (still one of my favorites, but I digress…): “I had an R&B type song in mind, like something off Usher’s ‘Confessions’ album, with a badass drumbeat and a really cool melody. I had written in my notes a few weeks earlier: ‘Sweet Dreams.’ When we got to the Sonic Ranch in El Paso, we tried it. We stepped back to look at the song and got really excited about the way it came out.” Also according to Billboard, "Sweet Dreams" gained 10.9 million official streams and 3,000 downloads in its first week, starting May 17th and ending on May 23rd (using Luminate data). In addition, the song debuted pretty high on the Hot Country Songs chart at #11, becoming Koe's seventh entry and first top 20 hit. "Wasted," "Creeps," "Damn Near Normal," "Cabo," "April Showers" and "Money Spent" all also charted on the Hot Country Songs chart. With country continuing to have a huge moment in the mainstream, it's really cool to see guys like Koe, who have a lot of crossover appeal with the Texas country/rock sound, really starting to gain traction. Of course, Koe has been at it for years now so it's certainly no overnight success, but with him charting on the Hot 100 chart, and especially the Hot Country Songs chart, this new album is poised to take him to an audience far beyond the Texas scene or even the country genre in general. 9 Lives is due out everywhere on on July 19th. "Sweet Dreams" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0SKKvh_7jY 9 Lives tracklist: “Continued” Skit “9 Lives (Black Cat)” (Ropyr Wetzel, Amy Allen, Gabe Simon) “Casamigos” (Ropyr Wetzel, Amy Allen, Sam Harris, Ben Burgess, Gabe Simon) “Damn Near Normal” (Ropyr Wetzel, Amy Allen, Gabe Simon, Carrie Karpinen, Sam Harris) “Leigh” (Ropyr Wetzel, Amy Allen, Gabe Simon) “Twister” (Ropyr Wetzel, Steve Rusch, Ben Burgess, Josh Serrato) “High Road” (Ropyr Wetzel, Amy Allen, Gabe Simon, Carrie Karpinen) “Reconsider” (Charles John Brocco, Keith Quenton Gattis) “Hatchet” (Gabe Simon, Mike Coogan) “Sweet Dreams” (Ropyr Wetzel, Amy Allen, Josh Serrato, Gabe Simon, Sam Harris) “Runnin’ Low” (Ropyr Wetzel, Amy Allen, Sam Harris, Gabe Simon, Ben Burgess) “Bar Song” (Blake “Shy” Carter, Breyan Isaac, Dernst “D’Mile” Emile II, Dave Gibson) “Last Outlaw Alive” (Josh Serrato, Ben Burgess, Sam Harris)

Lukas Nelson & Sierra Ferrell Team Up To Cover Adele’s “Someone Like You” At DelFest

Lukas Nelson country music

Now, THIS is a duo that I'd like to see more from. Putting a twang on the Adele hit "Someone Like You" was something I never knew I needed. This past weekend at DelFest in Cumberland, Maryland, Lukas Nelson and Sierra Ferrell teamed up for an incredible cover of the 2011 pop song. The two joined The Travelin' McCourys for the cover, shouting out Adele before they took the stage to inform her they were planning on debuting a country version of the song. "Adele, this is Lukas Nelon and The Travelin' McCourys, and you're going country whether you like it or not. Let's hit it." Lukas told the camera during a tour bus jam session before they graced the stage. https://www.instagram.com/p/C7ZwpJxvkEY/ The video of Nelson and the bluegrass band is stellar alone as Nelson delivers the heartbreak ballad with a smooth twang. Nelson teased that he and The Travelin' McCourys have been to turn DelFest into (A)Del(e)Fest, teasing a demo of the track (which I hope lands on streaming platforms in the near future). While some might have picked up on this being in the works, the addition of Sierra Ferrell on stage was a surprise and a dang good one at that. The addition of her airy vocals for the harmonies perfectly rounds out the bluegrass-inspired take of the ballad. And if you paid attention to festival duets last year, you know that this is not Ferrell and Nelson's first time on stage together and that they sound stellar as a duet. Bluegrass Adele sounds shockingly good, and I think I need more of it ASAP...or a studio cut of this cover. It's beautiful. Check it out. https://www.instagram.com/p/C7fPiM_SIpA/

“You’ll Never Be Allowed In This Town Again” – Lunatic Woman Goes Ballistic On Kylie & Jason Kelce For Refusing A Photo

Kylie Kelce

Being the wife of an NFL player requires toughness. There was no doubt that Kylie Kelce, the wife of the future hall-of-fame center (and prolific podcaster) Jason Kelce, was tough enough to be an NFL wife. But if there was, it should all be settled as this video of Kylie standing up for her and Jason has gone viral. According to this footage, Jason and Kylie were visiting Steve & Cookie's in Margate, Florida, and while they were there, someone recognized them and asked for a picture. Celebrities and high-profile people always reserve the right to refuse taking pictures, and that's apparently what happened in this clip... and what set off the lunatic woman that was asking for a selfie. The video picks up a little after the initial interaction must have gone down, but it captures plenty of excitement. Jason Kelce (in his flip flops) appears to be trying to walk away from the situation while his wife Kylie is stands up to the rude woman who must have said something pretty nasty to escalate the situation to this point. Kylie can be heard saying "middle of the street," seeming to imply that the woman has been harassing her and her husband while they were trying to have a nice, relaxing stroll. The woman who asked for a picture can be heard coming back to Mrs. Kelce with a retort that doesn't land all that well: "I don't give a f**k who you are, you'll never be allowed in this town again." The Kelces will never be allowed in Margate again because... they didn't take a picture with you? Not sure who this woman thinks she is, but I'm 100% sure nothing she can do will make sure Kylie and Travis never come to Margate, Florida again. Kylie's response to the woman is much better, and much more personal. As someone separates the two women (and just to let you know, it's not Jason), she shouts back: "I can smell the alcohol on your breath. You are embarrassing yourself." Boom, roasted. Case closed. Kylie wins. She was ready to go to war with the drunk lady, and I feel pretty comfortable stating that Kylie won by a long shot... no thanks to Jason. He couldn't have used his flip flops to come over and stand up for his lady? Also, for Karen here, buckle up... the Swifties are coming for ya. You can view the wild video below: https://twitter.com/HughE_Dillon/status/1795559204922568707

The Internet Is Calling LPGA Golfer Charley Hull The Female John Daly After She Was Spotted Ripping Cigs While Signing Autographs

Charley Hull

Ripping cigs may be bad for your health, but they do seem to be good for the game of golf. John Daly has long been the face of multitasking in the golf world, and by that, I mean both hitting darts and smoking darts at the same time. He's never really had anyone else challenge him in that facet... until LPGA professional Charley Hull entered into the picture. Professional golfers on the women's tour are currently gearing up for the 2024 U.S. Open, which is being held at Lancaster Country Club in Pennsylvania. The world's best women golfers will flock to Lancaster, PA to compete for the coveted Harton S. Semple trophy. If the tournament was based on who had the best "vibes" rather than the best score, the championship would be over before it even started. That's because Charley Hull, a 28-year-old English golfer currently ranked 8th in the world, has already proved she's the coolest golfer there by leaps and bounds. She channeled her inner John Daly as she was spotted taking time to sign autographs while holding a lit cigarette between her lips. If someone would have caught her also throwing back a Diet Coke, she might as well be related to Daly. Check it out: https://twitter.com/NUCLRGOLF/status/1795526537653162085 Looks like you just found your new favorite LPGA golfer, didn't you? Now I will admit that smoking a cigarette while interacting with fans might not be the most health conscious thing someone could do. Doing so might even drive away fans that wanted to meet her in person (and maybe that's why she's doing it). But online? The cig smoking has gone over incredibly well, as you can see by the replies sent out below the post of Charley Hull: https://twitter.com/RyanBallengee/status/1795516576961310933 https://twitter.com/ShooterMcGavin_/status/1795506867830972767 https://twitter.com/PGATUOR/status/1795494004148322400 And guess what? This is nothing new for Charley Hull. She was spotted at last week's Mizuho Americas Open lighting up some smokes while she was playing: https://twitter.com/NUCLRGOLF/status/1795515802839585118

Hungry Heron Ruthlessly Swallows Sizable Pickerel… Alive

Heron scarfs fish

Sushi anyone? Most of us like to savor our fresh fish if we choose it off the menu. Creatures living out in the wild, however, have a different approach to consuming their meals. Instead of savoring, they usually prefer to go with a method called "throwing it all back at once." That's not true for all wild animals, but it is normally the case for herons. The long-legged birds that do most of their hunting and gathering by sneakily watching over shallow water for potential prey don't mess around when they do eventually catch something. Heron don't have teeth, so they don't have much of a choice when it comes to consuming food. They throw everything down their gullet and allow their bodies to do the rest. That usually means that their stomachs digest most of the prey that they eat (even bones), and the portions of their meal that their digestive systems can't take on are regurgitated in pellets. Pretty gross, right? But herons have to do what they have to do, so that means the occasional indigestible pellet is thrown back up after meals. We don't see the aftermath of the meal consumed in this video, though one could assume that the size of the fish (comparative to the stature of the bird) led to some routine regurgitation. Because heron don't have to chew their food, they often fall victim to the tried and true fault of one's eye's being larger than their stomach. As long as the bird can work the prey down into their stomach, they go for it, even if the act is the definition of being gluttonous. This heron had caught itself a pickerel, and though the fish appeared to be bigger than its head, the long-necked creature didn't think twice about it. After the bird picked the pickerel out of the water, it wasted no time sending it on a one-way-trip to its stomach. It struggled to even fit its catch within its beak, but after a lot of struggling and repositioning, it swallowed the pickerel... alive. Not a great way to go out for the fish, but on the other hand, a tremendous way to fill an empty stomach for a hungry heron. Check it out: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C7W3HlQogbN/?igsh=MXh6cDVvZTY0MWFuZg%3D%3D