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Koe Wetzel Releases Solo Version Of “High Road”

Koe Wetzel

Ask, and you shall receive. Koe Wetzel is giving the fans what they want: a solo version of "High Road." Since the announcement of Wetzel's forthcoming album, 9 Lives, he has also released teasers of all the tracks to be featured on the record. Fans instantly connected with "High Road," leaving many confused as to why Koe teased it as a solo single and then released it as a duet with Jessie Murph. Koe, however, was not taking the heat and stood by his decision to release it as a duet, saying everyone will always  "b*tch about something." In his statement, he mentioned a single version would come eventually, but that's not how he wanted to come out of the gate. “Yeah, the first time I saw that there was anything being brought up about it, I didn’t really understand it at all. Jessie’s just such a bad**s. And so I think we had a plan… the ‘High Road’ version, the single version, will eventually come out. But I was asked if we wanted to put it out sooner rather than later, and I was like, screw that. I believed in this version since Jessie cut her part on it. I think she kind of made the song what it is, and so yeah, that song, it fit with both of us. It fits with us both very well." Koe made the right choice by releasing the song with Jessie Murph. It was the first official single he sent to country radio, and the single debuted in the top 30 of the Billboard Hot 100. Say what you will about Murph's inclusion in the song, but the proof is in the pudding that it's a hit. However, that "eventually" for a single version came much sooner than people expected, as today, Koe Wetzel released a single version of "High Road." Now fans get the best of both worlds: They can listen to which version tickles their fancy and stop "b*tching" about not having the version Koe initially teased. https://www.instagram.com/p/C9VGBDAxycg/ I must admit that the addition of Jessie Murph has grown on me, and I love the depth the second chorus gets with a female voice on the track. However, I like Koe's original verse in this version slightly more than Jessie's. "Call me son of a b*tch For being honest, Yeah, that's what I get F**k it, I quit You keep losing your head About some girl, I ain't with The rumors always turn into Yelling and fighting And once it's in your mind Only one way you're driving..."  His verse really drives home the toxic verbal cycle this relationship has and that he has to let her go so he doesn't keep getting sucked into the screaming and fighting matches. Realizing he needs to take the "High Road," he is finally walking away from another fight of low blows and words you'd regret later. What a stellar surprise drop for this Friday. Fire it up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U35fIPYNhBI

Bear Cubs Chase Off Wolf Pup While Mother Bear Watches On

wolf and bear cubs

Mother bears are known to be quite protective of their young but they're not going to waste effort when they don't need too. A video from Kodiak Island, Alaska shows a young wolf pup approaching a female grizzly and her two cubs, and while a wolf sniffing around a baby will cause most mothers to freak out and snap into defense mode, this grizzly has some experience and was content to watch the encounter unfold. The clip was taken by Jennifer Culbertson, who runs the tour agency Kodiak Island Expeditions, and she provided an excellent breakdown in the caption so let's just read what she said: "His eyes are bigger than…. his ability to cart off one of those cubs. This young wolf probably didn’t weigh over 65lbs, yet he had learned from his parents that female bears with more than one cub are easy marks. An adult wolf, weighing in at 120lbs could have picked one of these cubs up and outran the mother. The mother bear knew this and was relatively unconcerned- the larger of the two cubs repeatedly charged the wolf. The rest of the wolf pack never arrived and the young wolf was left with nothing to do but harass the mother and her cubs." Had the rest of the pack arrived I'm sure there would have been a completely different ending to this story, but at the end of the day, the bear cubs got a chance to run off a wolf and the young pup found out just how tough it is to get dinner without getting eaten himself. https://www.instagram.com/reel/C9FfnnPxMVV/?igsh=MTdsMHN6NDl0c215eA%3D%3D

Dude Howls Like A Coyote Watching A Bobcat Pounce On A Rabbit

Bobcat pounces

There's few things that will get you as excited as watching a predator hunt down some prey. Whether it's a spider creeping towards a fly caught in its net, a largemouth bass taking down a bluegill, or a grizzly bear chasing a moose, there's just something so carnal, so instinctual about the predator/prey dynamic. Pound for pound, few predators can keep up with wild cats. Mountain lions and panthers tend to get a lot of the press, but don't sleep on the bobcat. Weighing only around up to 40 pounds, with most in the 20 pound range, these felines are absolutely terrific hunters when it comes to small game and they'll even go after a deer when the opportunity presents itself, but this video here shows them at their best. We don't know exactly where it took place but a guy just so happened to spot a bobcat eyeing up a rabbit and pulled off the road to get a video. The footage of the hunt is incredible but what really makes this one a top tier nature video is his reaction to the whole thing. "Bro, that rabbit don't even f*cking know. Dude, he's about to get it dude... F*ck yeah. F*CK YEAH. Hell yeah. [Howls like a coyote] Bro, oh my God dude" The howl absolutely sent me. What a genuine reaction. I'd like to have a beer or two with this guy. Keep your eyes peeled anytime you're outside because you just never know what you're going to see. https://www.instagram.com/reel/C9FnXGJxRaM/?igsh=dmNkbW1tamVreDU1

Jelly Roll To Play Free Show In Tampa For Fans With Tickets To Canceled Morgan Wallen Show

Jelly Roll country music

Jelly Roll looking out for his fans. The country superstar was scheduled to open up for Morgan Wallen tonight on his One Night At A Time tour in Tampa, Florida, along with opener Nate Smith. But a couple of hours before showtime, Morgan announced that he was going to have to cancel the concert due to illness. https://twitter.com/MorganWallen/status/1811848834634658021 Immediately after the cancelation was announced, Jelly Roll let his fans know that he was working to come up with something for fans who were already in town and ready for the show. https://twitter.com/JellyRoll615/status/1811856988772479338 And just now, Jelly announced that he would be performing at local country nightclub the Dallas Bull tonight - and that it would be free to anybody who had tickets to the canceled concert. https://twitter.com/JellyRoll615/status/1811885920032841894 Gotta love an artist who does everything he can to take care of his fans on such short notice in a tough situation.

Sturgill Simpson Shares Behind The Scenes Look At ‘Why Not? Tour’ Rehearsals

Sturgill Simpson country music

Oh, Sturgill Simpson is so back. Or Johnny Blue Skies, if you prefer... Today, Simpson released his first album since 2021. The Grammy Award-winning artist is undoubtedly one of the most influential country artists of our time, pushing boundaries with Metamodern Sounds in Country Music and pioneering a new era of Americana music. While he might be an artist under a different name, releasing new music after he said he would only produce five albums, the birth of Johnny Blue Skies still contains everything fans love about Simpson. The internet has been drooling over the eight-track album Passage Du Desir all dayAnd, rightfully so, it's eight songs of sheer perfection. We said it earlier this morning, and now, as the work has sat with us even more, it's clear the creation of Johnny Blue Skies gave Simpson the freedom to create one of his best records yet. A stellar album is always a gift to fans, but Sturgill is also gearing up to embark on his first tour in years, the Why Not? Tour. The evening with Johnny Blue Skies and Sturgill Simpson leads fans to believe they will get the best of both worlds by hearing new and old tracks from the Kentucky native. Before hitting the road and headlining at Outside Lands to kick off the tour, Simpson is giving fans a glimpse into the prep he and the boys are putting in before hitting the road. Prior to the album's release, Simpson made it clear via his website's Q+A section that the band we all know and love is still intact and accompanying him on the tour. "Q: Is the band Kevin, Laur, Miles and Robbie?
 A: Yes.” The nearly three-minute black-and-white video highlights jam session goodness as Sturgill, Kevin, Laur, Miles, and Robbie geek out over new equipment, jam, and listen to the latest tracks, working them into stage compositions. I have full-body chills just watching this, so I can only imagine our reaction to seeing it live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nse-ZrGqszc

Sturgill Simpson Tour Dates

August 9-11—San Francisco, CA—Outside Lands September 14—Los Angeles, CA—The Greek Theatre* (SOLD OUT) September 15—Santa Barbara, CA—Santa Barbara Bowl* (SOLD OUT) September 17—West Valley City, UT—Maverik Center* September 19—Bend, OR—Hayden Homes Amphitheater* September 20—George, WA—The Gorge Amphitheatre† September 22—Missoula, MT—KettleHouse Amphitheater* September 24—Moorhead, MN—Bluestem Center for the Arts Amphitheater* September 25—Minneapolis, MN—Roy Wilkins Auditorium* September 27—Lexington, KY—Rupp Arena* September 28—Detroit, MI—Fox Theatre* October 1—Chicago, IL—Salt Shed* (SOLD OUT) October 2—Chicago, IL—Salt Shed* (SOLD OUT) October 4—Brandon, MS—The Brandon Amphitheater* October 4-6—Austin, TX—Austin City Limits Music Festival October 8—Oklahoma City, OK—Criterion* (SOLD OUT) October 9—Rogers, AR—Walmart AMP* October 11—Huntsville, AL—The Orion Amphitheater* October 11-13—Austin, TX—Austin City Limits Music Festival October 15—St. Louis, MO—Fabulous Fox Theatre* October 16—St. Louis, MO—Fabulous Fox Theatre* October 18—Pittsburgh, PA—Petersen Events Center* October 19—Forest Hills, NY—Forest Hills Stadium‡ October 21—Asheville, NC—ExploreAsheville.com Arena* (SOLD OUT) October 22—Cary, NC—Koka Booth Amphitheatre* (SOLD OUT) October 24—Duluth, GA—Gas South Arena* October 25—Nashville, TN—Bridgestone Arena* November 12—Philadelphia, PA—The Met* November 13—Philadelphia, PA—The Met* November 15—Hampton, VA—Hampton Coliseum* November 16—Huntington, WV—Health Network Arena* November 18—Washington, DC—The Anthem* (SOLD OUT) November 20—Toronto, ON—Massey Hall* November 21—Toronto, ON—Massey Hall* November 23—Boston, MA—MGM Music Hall at Fenway* November 24—Boston, MA—MGM Music Hall at Fenway* *“An Evening with Sturgill Simpson” †with very special guest Lord Huron ‡very special guest Durand Jones

Man Dives 50 Feet To Harvest First Ever Lake Trout With A Speargun In Michigan

Spear fishing lake Michigan

What a catch! Or is it a kill? I always get confused with spearfishing. Is it fishing? Or is it more like hunting? Who really cares? It's kind of the best of both worlds, but with the added layer of going into the depths of a waterbody. Spearfishermen are just the kind of outdoorsmen who like to take things to the next level, and from watching videos like this, it looks like a ton of fun. When it comes to fishing, lake trout are many peoples favorite. Native to New England, the Great Lakes area, and Canada, these massive trout live in the depths of lakes and can reach as much as 50 pounds or more in extreme cases. In the northern parts of Canada, you'll see guys pull absolute tanks through several feet of ice. When people fish them, they often fish the deep parts, right to the bottom... not exactly an easy fish to get with a speargun. But this guy had to show everybody how it can be done. He had some trouble getting close, so he put out a flasher, like a lure with no hooks to attract one in range. A lake trout moves in and is focused on the flasher as the spearfisherman gets his shot and nails a dandy lake trout. This wasn’t just any ol’ catch either... it was one for the history books. “It is the first ever lake trout harvested with a speargun and documented in the state of Michigan since it was legalized in 2022! Diving 50ft in 46-degree water is tough but someone had to do it.” That is an impressive catch. And granted, it's only been legal for a few years, but nevertheless, pretty cool to see fisherman push the sport to its limits. https://www.instagram.com/reel/C6_ovVQrOq4/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Airport Girlfriend Goes On Obnoxious, Screaming Rant At Boyfriend Who Thankfully Walked Away

airport lady

Holy meltdown, Batman. Really hope my guy in this situation found the terminal where Southwest Airlines was, because talk about wanting to get away. There's a fine line between hilarity and feeling more than a little disturbed by unhinged airport behavior. This falls into the former category, where you feel sad for the dude, hope karma is actually a thing, and that this moron gets everything coming to her. Understanding that fights in relationships can get messy at times, this crosses whatever that imagined Rubicon is. You can see the main bullet points of what the girl said below. Just don't turn up your volume too loud, especially if you have earbuds in. Might pop a drum. https://twitter.com/CollinRugg/status/1811745106627821911 In some ways this is almost worse than an airport fist fight/brawl to me. At least in that case you can arrest somebody since it's so self-evident who's in the wrong. Not that you can't tell that this woman is clearly unwell to scream at her partner like this, but inflicting that type of vitriol on someone should be punishable in some way. What a headcase. Legitimate prayers up over here that once the guy walked away from her this time, he never looks back. Never mind yelling at someone and saying what she said in private. Doing that in a very public setting is a deal breaker. In fact, if you're at an airport, in spite of all the crazy sh*t that happens at such locations and often goes viral, there's a bit of a higher standard with which you should conduct yourself. Not just because of the TSA. You don't want any rogue behavior to create obstacles or delays in your travels. So considering that this woman couldn't keep her cool in a place where you really shouldn't want to lose your temper, she must be a waking nightmare in a domestic setting. If y'all haven't been in a toxic relationship, this is a preview of what it looks like. Zero respect. Vicious language. Frequent emotional outbursts. One-sided exchanges where one partner either fights fire with fire and screams back, or just sits there in stunned silence until it's over. Let's check in on some of the reactions. Have a feeling they won't be too far off base from my general sentiments. https://twitter.com/atensnut/status/1811747743968506020 https://twitter.com/SaltyGoat17/status/1811745801359528253 https://twitter.com/CraigChamberlin/status/1811745322177065389 https://twitter.com/Old_SchoolEddie/status/1811748106288980341 https://twitter.com/AmericaPapaBear/status/1811745284281553055 https://twitter.com/ericmmatheny/status/1811760986056962382 https://twitter.com/breeadail/status/1811760758935437617 Looks like we have a prevailing, vast-majority opinion... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdZDRA_WbIo

Manslaughter Charges Abruptly Dismissed Against Alec Baldwin After Judge Finds Prosecutor Withheld Evidence During ‘Rust’ Trial

Alec Baldwin

Whoa... Alec Baldwin was on trial in New Mexico for the deadly shooting on the set of Rust back in 2021. (Notice I said "was.") The actor has been charged with involuntary manslaughter after the shooting that took the life of cinematographer Halyna Hutchens and wounded director Joel Souza. The tragic accident occurred during preparation for a scene in which Baldwin was supposed to draw his gun in a church, but not actually fire it. Unfortunately, the gun had somehow been loaded with a live round, as opposed to the dummy round that was supposed to be in it, and wasn’t properly checked before being brought to set. Baldwin claims that he never pulled the trigger – though prosecutors say that’s not possible. But on day three of the trial, the defense attorney alleged that the prosecutor had withheld evidence from Baldwin and his attorneys - specifically, bullets that had been presented to investigators and then logged under a separate case number and not disclosed to the defense. After sending the jury home early today without hearing any evidence, the judge held a hearing to determine whether the evidence was withheld, and whether it was material to the case. And just now, the court made her ruling - and dismissed the case against Baldwin with prejudice. "Dismissal with prejudice is warranted to ensure the integrity of the judicial system and the efficient administration of justice." Baldwin was seen crying as the judge issued her order, and hugged his wife and family in the courtroom after the case was dismissed. Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the armorer on the set, was convicted in March of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to 18 months in prison.